A scarpering Light, the bird took fright,
Too glaring of a sound,
The heartbeat of a leaf, a welcome relief,
To rise above the crowd.

Slight of Prey, by night and day,
He cups the bird, a-swarm,
By flight o’er trees, a-light by the seas,
Swallowed by the earth no more.

Migrating to find, akin to rise,
Levitating like hummingbirds’ wake,
Completed time, observing the skies,
Home is a nestled break.

Ordinary twigs in a tender beak,
Built a Home in the sky,
Gently laid, too oft betrayed,
By a wing of a thing defied.

Like Steel of a Stare, a hundred Stairs,
The meek swallow nestles its’ wings.
A dovetailed love, the swallow has found,
The place, where it sings.

By **MK McConnell-Brugha

**If you have read this far: yep, MK is an alias. I wrote this.