An Irish wanderer by birth, I stumbled upon rebellious ways and creative means to make a living and a life. Curious by trade, caffeinated by day, prone to poetic devices, cornerstones and literary awakenings, I am pulled by. A former teacher, I love a curious focal and a lingering journalistic means (I earned a BA in Journalism in DCU, 2008). Insight is the dream, foresight the quest and hindsight, the cat’s lament. A dog lover by nature, I came into this world hungry for change complimented with an insatiable desire to make it happen. An appreciation for sociology, politics, art, Emily Dickinson, Patrick Kavanagh and W. B. Yeats rocked me to my core over time – the ever binding tale.
20150722-002401.jpgA wordsmith, I am passionate about all things storytelling, marketing and digital, from Apple Watches to the freeflow of story-telling social media and content marketing. I appreciate the Internet of Things (IoT) and all things creative.

Have a casual read of my heritage and Tales of Folklore and Seanchai (Old Irish) Storytelling.

For all things Storytelling in marketing: Storytelling Perspective in Marketing
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